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Enter the Individual Stroke Play Tournament all week long!
No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

How it works...

Play alone or with others posting a round

Play (2) Rounds before the Weekend (1hr per player per round)

We will then have a CUT and the top players will play 1 more Round (any time over the weekend)

Gross and Net Champions

Net participants must have either handicap (ghin, the grint, etc), a Brooklyn Greens Simulator handicap, or other proof of scores)


Prize pool begins at Top 3 gross and net ! ! ! 

1st Place

3 Sim Hours and vintage Masters gear

2nd Place

2 Sim Hours

3rd Place

1 Sim Hour

Masters Header_23.png


Golfers must play both 18 hole matches before Friday April 7th before 11pm EST close to advance for a chance to make the CUT for Masters Weekend round.

The Brooklyn Greens Cancelation Policy applies to all booked matches. 

If tournament entrants make the cut but cannot play their match over the weekend they receive an automatic withdrawal from the standings.

Only participating golfers can join matches, spectators are welcome and encouraged!

We cannot accept refunds for this tournament entry. 

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