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Play golf every week this spring in a league designed for all skill levels to compete...

and have fun!




Our mission of making golf approachable to all neighbors in our community extends to this competitive environment. Verbal and/or physical heckling will not be permitted in league play and is subject to disqualification. Please be mindful of your fellow golfers and support their success in the competition.



There will be a variety of formats each week (Best Balls, Scrambles, Alternate Shot, etc). 





Weekly rounds will be booked for your team at the beginning of the season based on your preferences from sign up. Times are given to teams on a first come first serve basis, so the sooner you sign up the better chance you have of getting your first choice slot!



Your Pro Shop Attendant will set you up on the first hole in "Practice Mode".  From there it's up to your team how many practice shots you take, but your maximum of 2 Hours for the round begins then. After an hour of playing, you should be halfway through your round. If you fall behind pace, start utilizing the “skip the hole” function when any golfer is “out of the hole” (too many strokes to contribute to the team’s score on that hole). Teams will receive a MAX score on any holes played outside of their 2 hours. 

Rounds will begin directly at the time scheduled (unless previously confirmed change). Players are encouraged to come early to stretch and prepare to play. Some teams reserve the slots 30-60 mins before their rounds to warm-up as a team. We will allow early golfers to hit on available sims to warm-up, 15 mins before their tee-time (subject to sim availability). 



In order to allow more teams to play we are not allowing make-up rounds for
Winter League. Golfers can choose from the following options if they need to miss a week:


1. Try and find a sub and let us know the sub’s name and handicap/average score the morning of (or asap) your round that week.

2. If requested a week ahead of time, we can most likely find a sub for you. Kindly e-mail with details on the round you'll need too miss and cc your team so we can coordinate in a timely manner.

3. Request that the whole team plays on a different day that week (based Brooklyn Green’s availability).

4. Play with 3 Golfers. Although this is never ideal, most formats can be played with less players. Warning, very few teams have good weeks when playing as 3 golfers, a 4th always helps.



Subs can are not allowed to play the same week for multiple teams. If you think you will miss a week or more, it is wise to add a 5th or 6th player to your team and map out a schedule for the weekly lineups.

Please note: Individual and Team refunds are only available until 1 week before league start. We unfortunately cannot accommodate after this date as we need to solidify the schedule and teams for other golfers. 



Mulligans (Re-do on a bad shot) are a function on the Foresight system, but should only be reserved for glitches or mistakes made by the software (and administered by BG staff).  From time to time, the simulator mis-reads a strike and is grossly different from what it actually was (or registers a practice swing as a hit), if this occurs, notify the Brooklyn Greens staff and they can administer the mulligan. Any Unsanctioned Mulligans is cheating and will result in disqualification.


At the conclusion of the 10 Week Regular Season, we will break the field of teams down into the Playoffs where teams will face-off head to head, culminating in a Championship Match, which will be played in front of a gallery of fans and other teams.




Prizes will be awarded to Teams for weekly wins as well as season long wins. 

We also give prizes to Low Gross Individual Scores each week.

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