brooklyn greens

enter to win the

2022 club championship



entry includes

a minimum of 3, 1 hr rounds on our virtual golf simulators + prizes, bragging rights and more!

  • 75$
    Enter to be the 2022 Brooklyn Greens Club Champion!
    Valid for one month

how it works


nov 16 - dec 11

Book and complete 2, 1 hour qualifying rounds. 

Join the tournament chat & play with another competing golfer.


starting dec 12

Qualifying golfers will be grouped into “flights” made up of other golfers who scored similarly in qualifying rounds. You’ll compete head to head in a bracket against your flight. Prizes and *Player of the Year* points will be awarded to top finishers across all flights.

Championship Flight

The Championship Flight will be made up of the lowest scoring golfers from the qualifying rounds. The winner of the Championship Flight will be named  

2022 club champion

....will receive the largest boost of *Player of the Year* points in this last chance to earn them & a very special

P R I Z E ! ! ! !


If I want to play a round with another golfer competing do we split the hour or get multiple hours?

You each get a full hour that can be used toward a multiple hour (up to 4 person/hour) round together! 

Am I guaranteed a first round in a flight bracket?


Do I need to pay for simulator hour bookings for qualifying or flight rounds?
No, when you sign up you will get credits applied to your account to complete these round as part of tournament fees.

Is handicap scoring used  in The Brooklyn Greens Club Championship?
The tournament is designed with flights so that any level can compete, but handicaps are not used.

How do I book my rounds?

When complete your entry into the tournament, (3) 1 hour sim credits will be added to your account for use. The first 2 qualifying rounds can be booked at your convenience before December 11.

How do I know the format for qualifying rounds?

When you arrive at Brooklyn Greens for your Tee Time a team member will set you up and explain that round's format. 

How do I post my score? 

After entering the tournament you will receive an invite to the tournament chat where you can post your scores. A Brooklyn Greens team member will also record your scores after your round, so be sure not to exit the round until this is completed.

Book and complete 2, 1 hour qualifying rounds. These can be booked solo, but we encourage playing with another competing golfer from the CC chat.